To complete the luxurious experience of BT45 kitchen (bathroom or closet), BauTeam created a line of bespoke accessories for the drawers. The accessories for each item and function, perfectly designed to accomplish each drawer, functional and aesthetic. BT45 kitchen accessories allow the user to enjoy the cooking experience.





BT45 box bath

BT45 Box Bath is a unique organization system for the bathroom, 
consisting of components made of beautiful black wood.  






Selected in a special way so that it looks
stylish and organized to store all bathroom items.






The modern feeling and a perfect synergy
between the German engineering, design and comfort.






The trendy black is spiced up with the
usage of different textures: wood, leather, fabric.





Your toothbrush, make up items, and combs could
have different colors but would look stylish with
the black background of BT45 accessories.






Wooden boxes with lids help to keep
untidy items hidden, and allow users to enjoy the
perfection, comfort and beauty of the bathroom drawers.